Friday, February 25

New Frontier in DSD/DXD - basic information

Hello and Welcome,
I have been experimenting with various project's I found to enable me to Record/Playback 1-bit DSD files.

This blog is to provide information to all those interested on what I did and how I did it.

Right Now there are 2 options, but I recommend the ElectArt if you want to start recording DSD anytime soon.
  • The 'USB-Dual-Audio' from ElectrArt (translated) is the only option with software for playback/record of DSD included. ElectrArt also has a Blog with updates. It has very basic windows only software for dsd recording/playback at 64fs or 128fs (2.8 or5.6mhz) and supports a generic driver model for os x / linux for pcm. All documentation is in Japanese. Sold for hobbyist use, has a growing reputation in japan on various blogs/forums.
  • The USBPAL from Rigisystems, which looks very good and supports ASIO 2.1 for DSD, has no included software for playback/recording. The USBPAL stands alone in offering syncing between boards for multiple channels, 8 i/o for DSD per board, DXD support, and good documentation/drivers/sample code. Also a commercial license is available.

The new beta of HQPlayer supports native DSD playback with a ASIO 2.1 Driver, so there is hope of playing back DSD using the USBPAL. This is breaking news, props to the developers of HQPlayer.

The only other software I am aware of supporting ASIO 2.1+DSD is Sony SonicStage Mastering Studio and DSD Direct Player, neither supports 128fs rates or is availible unbundled from a sony viao computer.

I will be posting photos of my current setup using the ElectrArt USB-Dual-Audio. Stay tuned.