Saturday, March 10

The Open-NGDI Project - Definition Stage

I have started an Open hardware project named the Open-NGDI, or Open Next-Gen Digital Interface. The Goal of this project is to build an interface for connecting modern high dynamic range ADC/DAC's to a personal computer.
We need people like YOU to help define the project in this critical early phase before development starts!

Key Features:
  • Maximum Sample rate is planned to be 512fs (24.576Mhz), at up to 8-bit, capturing what is commonly referred to as Multi-bit Delta-Sigma, or Sigma-DPCM. 
  • Up to 8-Channel's per board is planned @ 512fs, with the capability of expanding channels through syncing of multiple boards. (48bit width I/O @512fs (24.576Mhz), either 6x 8-bit, 8x 6-bit, or 48x 1bit)
  • Support PCM up to 1.5Mhz @ 32 bit depth
  • Modular Architecture - Digital Interface, ADC, DAC, Power Supply, Analog Stages all on separate boards.
  • Open Source Hardware license. All associated software/hardware and documentation will fall under an open source style license. GPL v2 for all software, OSHL v1.0 currently for the hardware license.
  • Community developed and fully documented. An open community will be encouraged.
  • Sister project the Open-NGSDR will be developed side by side with this project, and aims to create a version of the Open-NGDI optimized for SDR and measurement purposes.

Involvement is encouraged by anyone interested.

This project needs YOUR help. 

This project can not get off the ground without a community. 

Even if you have no experience in programming, designing PCB's, or writing VHDL code, you can help by showing support, and giving your idea's, opinions, and criticism.

I have created a Google Code site and a Google Group Site to consolidate information and facilitate starting a community.