Thursday, February 9

Prototype 1-bit 512fs (24.576Mhz) USB DAC Interface from the 1-bit audio consortium.

I have very exciting news. The 1-bit audio consortium has shown a high speed USB DSD DAC interface, capable of all known standard speeds of Delta Sigma, from 2.8Mhz (64fs or SACD) to 24.576 (512fs). It seems faster than 128fs DSD is finally getting some attention by designers. Hopefully this will mature into some product. Most of these demonstrations over the past few years have been only proof of concepts, such as Korg's 8-channel USB ADC/DAC interface and DAW software shown last year, or previous USB Interfaces shown by the 1-bit audio consortium.

Seeing this being developed shows people are still looking forward with Delta-Sigma for audio. The holy grail of perfect digital audio recording/playback has not been found yet in my opinion.

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